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ProTec Ingredia Ltd

Your Expectations. Exceeded.

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About ProTec Ingredia Ltd

Key Facts

Founded 2011
Enterprize Class Independent
Distributor Type Specialty
Ownership London Pharma & Chemicals Group
CEO/Key Contact Dir. Mr Alan Eastwood

Formed in 2011, ProTec Ingredia Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality ingredients to the European Personal Care industry, working with a network of innovative and high profile manufacturing partners.

The ProTec team has vast experience and expertise in the global Personal Care markets and specialises in sourcing and supplying products to customers of all sizes. We only work with high profile and world-renowned manufacturing partners to provide innovative and market-leading ingredients to our customers.

Being ISO 9001:2008 accredited, we recognise that the best ingredients are still only of value when delivered through a closely controlled supply chain. We specialise in providing highly efficient logistical processes to ensure our customers’ needs and requirements are met in full, on time, every time.

We understand the 'globalised' nature of the industry we work in, and our team specialises in ensuring we can meet the needs of our customers no matter where they are located.

Our mission statement is simple; to consistently delight our customers and bring true value to our partners.

Regional Coverage

Germany flag Germany  Poland flag Poland  United Kingdom flag United Kingdom 

Affiliations & Accreditations



  • A wide portfolio of products supplied. Please visit web site for further information.

Brands/Trade Names

  • Acacia Collagen™
  • Aminocid®
  • Citrolumine 8™
  • Colla-Gain™
  • Collagen Stimulation Factor MAP™
  • Delentigo™
  • Depigmentation Factor 2U™
  • Edemine®
  • Emulpharma®
  • Et-VC™
  • Flavanoid Complex SC™
  • Florabeads®
  • Floraesters®
  • Floralipids®
  • Floramac®
  • Florapearls®
  • Florasomes®
  • Floraspheres®
  • Florasun®
  • Floviva®
  • GenoWhite™
  • Herbamilk®
  • Herbasec®
  • Herbasol®
  • Herbaspheres™
  • Hotflux™
  • Hydro-Gain™
  • Lactilglutammato®
  • Metabeads®
  • Metapearls®
  • Metasomes®
  • Metaspheres®
  • Neodermyl®
  • Outback Spirit™ Botanicals
  • Parabeads®
  • PhytoCellTec™
  • Redensyl®
  • Resconcept®
  • Resplanta®
  • Rubixyl®
  • Rutimine®
  • Slimming Factor Karkade™
  • SunPURO®
  • SunSHINE®
  • SynMICA®
  • Tricorexina®
  • Unispheres®
  • usNeo™
  • Zenerbet®
  • Zenester®
  • Zeniblu®
  • Zenicone®
  • Zenifresh®
  • Zenigloss®
  • Zenipom®
  • Zenolatum®
  • Zenolin®


  • ADM Ingredients
  • Barnet
  • Codif International
  • Contipro Biotech
  • Corum INC
  • EFP Biotek
  • Floratech
  • Induchem
  • Lipoid Kosmetic AG
  • Mibelle AG Biochemistry
  • Micro Powders Inc
  • Oat Cosmetics
  • ProTec Botanica
  • Res Pharma
  • Sun Chemical
  • Worlée-Chemie G.m.b.H.
  • Zenitech Inc


  • Personal Care