Making it easier to find chemical distributors on the Web

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The chemagility site is made up of 2 sections:



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If you have any further questions about the site you can either send us an email or use the contact forms in the directory or corporate sections

About the World chemical distributor directory

Who's in it?

Over 5,000 chemical distributors, traders, agents and specialist import/exporters from
all over the world.

How's it maintained?

Both researched and submitted sites are reviewed by Chemagility to validate accuracy and appropriateness before being added to relevant classifications in the chemical distributors' database. To be included in the Directory your company must be able to demonstrate that independent chemical distribution is a core business activity for your organisation. See our definition of a 'chemical distributor' under glossary for more information about whether you meet the criteria.


All entries are 'hand-checked' to ensure that the database provides the most credible, relevant and up to date research on chemical distributors possible.

Who's it for?

Anyone in the chemical or chemical-related industries interested in finding chemical distributors around the world. Besides chemical distributors themselves, the site will be of particular interest to chemical manufacturers, industry service providers and trade bodies.


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