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Elastomerics Limited

  • Profile
  • Products & Markets

About Elastomerics Limited

Key Facts

Founded 1981
Enterprize Class International
Distributor Type Full Line
Ownership Caldic Group

Elastomerics is an established independent distributor of chemicals and polymers with over 25 years of experience. Our expertise is in the rubber and the adhesive & sealants industries, with a customer base that also extends to the plastics sector.

We have a broad range of customers that includes large multinational companies to smaller, but more specialist customers. Our customers recognise and appreciate our ability to react quickly and efficiently to changes in their needs and consequently many customers now regard us an integral partner to their business.

Our portfolio of products provides customers with a balanced choice of raw materials ranging from polymers to antioxidants and light stablisers.

Our list of Principals boasts several blue chip companies, some of which are market leaders in their field and whom we have represented since our beginning over 25 years ago.

We are keen to develop relationships with new Principals, in particular those Principals who can demonstrate a basis for developing long term relationships. If you feel you can provide the commitment necessary, then please contact us.

Regional Coverage

United Kingdom flag United Kingdom 

Affiliations & Accreditations



  • Hydrocarbon resins
  • Butyl rubber
  • Plastomers
  • EVA copolymers
  • Polyethylene(LDPE) & anhydride grafted
  • SIS/SBS copolymers
  • Para-methylstyrene copolymer
  • Polychloroprene(CR)
  • Chlorosulphonated polyethylene(CSM)
  • Epichorohydrin rubber
  • Polyisobuylene
  • EPDM
  • Accelerators
  • Antioxidants
  • Antiozonants
  • Antifatigue agents
  • Hindered amine light stabilisers(HALS)
  • Dispersing/slip agents
  • Nitrosamine inhibitor
  • Hydrotalcite
  • Coupling agents
  • Silicone emulsions
  • Alumina trihydrate(ATH).

Brands/Trade Names

  • Adeva
  • Epichlomer
  • Escorene
  • Escorez
  • Exact
  • Extos
  • Exxelor
  • ExxonMobil LDPE
  • Exxpro
  • Fordaguard
  • Iotek
  • Oppanol
  • Robac
  • Silcat
  • Silquest
  • Skyprene
  • Songlight
  • Songnox
  • Songsorb
  • Songstab
  • Speedbright
  • Trust Chem Pigments
  • Vector
  • Vistalon
  • Wiraten
  • XL-Pearl


  • BASF
  • Daiso Co. Ltd
  • ExxonMobil Chemical
  • GE Advanced Materials
  • Minelco Specialities
  • Momentive
  • Robinson Brothers Ltd
  • Songwon Industrial Co.
  • Tosoh Corporation
  • Trust Chem
  • Wiwax


  • Adhesives, Sealants & Mastics
  • Coatings
  • Plastics
  • Rubber