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Company Enterprize Class Distributor Type Company Size Further Info


D-20457 Hamburg, Germany Multinational Specialty PREMIUM* info icon
The TER GROUP is founded upon a pioneering spirit spanning over 100 years and it is this spirit that has propelled the organisation to where it is today, a leading distributor and...view profile »
Tel: +49 40 300501-0, Fax: +49 40 335050
European Association of Chemical Distributors

innotaste GmbH

D-47809 Krefeld, Germany Multinational (subsidiary) Speciality PREMIUM* info icon
Since its foundation at the end of 2004, innotaste GmbH is closely linked to the internationally active Firmenich group and operates as their exclusive distribution partner for fla...view profile »
Tel: +49 (0) 2151 525 470, Fax: +49 (0) 2151 525 489

IHC-I.H. Chempharm GmbH

51377 Leverkusen, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: , Fax:
www: Premium subscribers only
Verband Chemiehandel

IMCD Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

D-50668 Köln, Germany Multinational Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 22 177 650, Fax: +49 22 1776 5200
www: Premium subscribers only
Verband Chemiehandel

Imhoff & Stahl GmbH

D-68169 Mannheim, Germany Multinational Group Full Line PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 621 322 80 0, Fax: +49 621 322 8080
www: Premium subscribers only
Verband Chemiehandel

Impag Import GmbH

D-63071 Offenbach/Main, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 6985 0008 0, Fax: +49 6985 0008 90
www: Premium subscribers only

Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft mbH

20095 Hamburg, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 (0)40 33 85 33-0, Fax: +49(0)40 33 8533-85
www: Premium subscribers only


20097 Hamburg, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 40 468 666 31, Fax: +49 40 468 666 39
www: Premium subscribers only

Inka Gmbh

85609 Munich, Germany Independent, national Speciality PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 89 9093 6852, Fax: +49 89 9093 6853
www: Premium subscribers only

Intatrade Chemicals GmbH

D-06774 Muldestausee OT Friedersdorf, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 3493 605 464, Fax: +49 3493 605 470
www: Premium subscribers only

Interchim Deutschland GMBH

68219 Mannheim, Germany Independent, national Specialty PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 621 8039 693, Fax: +49 621 8039 6959
www: Premium subscribers only

Itochu Deutschland GmbH

40547 Dusseldorf, Germany Multinational Full-line PREMIUM*
Tel: +49 211 52900, Fax: +49 211 529 0855
www: Premium subscribers only

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