Chemical Distribution Reports

Chemagility produces a range of custom research reports, publications and newsletters on chemical distribution for a number of leading chemical companies, consultancy groups and investment companies. We are also planning to publish a range of ‘off-the shelf’ reports in the near future.

Our Reports

  • Regional and country specific chemical distribution reports (inc. market size, segmentation, trends, key players)
  • Specialist distribution segment reports(e.g. polymer distribution)
  • Business intelligence briefings, in-house publications and papers
  • In-depth chemical distributor profiles and industry benchmarking reports
  • Industry conference presentations, papers & articles (e.g. FECC, AECQ, CBA, Chemanager, HCB)

Recent Reports

Report Key Content Client
Australasian Chemical Distributors: Life Sciences Segment - Country & Regional Reports
- Specialist Segment Reports
- Market Trends & Forecasts
US Chemical Producer
UK & Nordic Polymer Distribution Market Report - Country & Regional Reports
- Specialist Segment Reports-
- Distributor Profiling
UK Chemical Distributor
Review of European Specialty Chemical Distributors Business Models - Distributor Profiling
- Country & Regional Reports
- Distributor Benchmarking
EU Investment Group
Moroccan Chemical Distribution Market Report - Country & Regional Reports
- Market Trends & Forecasts
- Distributor Profiling
- M&A Analysis
Global Chemical Distributor
FECC Congress 2013: Moderator plus paper on Indian Distribution Market - Industry conference papers
- Country & Regional Reports

We also publish the World Chemical Distributor Directory as well as a free quarterly newsletter which details recent industry news.

Service Support

All our services are backed by our own Global Chemical Distributor Information Databases. Besides the World Chemical Distributor Directory we also maintain a numer of ther private databases which we utilise in the delivery of our consultancy and research services. These include:

  • Chemical Distributor Profile Database (CDPD)
  • M&A Distribution Database 2000-2015 (MADD)
  • Chemical Distribution News Database 2008-2015 (CDND)

Chemagility collects information directly from chemical distributors using our own researchers, thus guaranteeing a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Because of our knowledge of the chemical distibution industry our databases only contain infomation on bona fide chemical distributors, traders and a number of key agents agents and importers.

Further Information
Please contact us on +44 (0)1420 476191.
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